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Frequently Asked Questions                      🧐​

Q. What can I expect?

A. At CACK DRAMA, we play games that encourage students to think quickly on their feet as this develops overall confidence when speaking  in front of a group of people. Students learn about all areas of production, from brainstorming ideas to scripting and turning those ideas into a show. We create props, costumes, sets and sound effects to suit each performance, at no extra expense.  In our older classes, we work on producing either self-devised or scripted performances and have  different focus 's throughout the year.

Q. What if I have never taken a drama class before?

A. The joy of drama, is that we are always working on performance skills in order to develop our stage craft and confidence. Games can be picked up mid-term and students can be added to performance ideas at the drop of a hat as the vehicle of drama is ever changing and flexible. A great tip is to bring a bottle of water (we move around alot!) and wear some comfy clothes (shorts or long pants) that don't restrict movement.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are based at The People's Church Hall at Gymea, 166 Gymea Bay Road, Gymea Bay. There is plenty of parking and easy access to the hall.

Q. Can I claim my Creative Kids voucher with CACK DRAMA?

A. Yes.

1. Go to and select the "Creative Kids' icon, under Services.

2. As part of the Creative Kids voucher application, you will need to provide your child’s name, date of birth and Medicare number. There are also some questions to gather some basic information about your child’s current activities.

 3. A voucher will display the student/child's name, voucher number, expiry date and value of up to $100.

4. Send an email to ( include voucher number, your child's full name and date of birth and pay $100 less from your total above.

5. Sit back and enjoy the quiet time while your kids have fun in a safe and flourishing environment

Q. I have several children that I'd like to book in. Do you do sibling discounts?

A. Yes, We offer a 15% sibling discount.

Q. If i cannot make a class or need more information, who can I contact?

A. Call Kate, CACK DRAMA owner on, 0412226972 or email

"Everything you guys do

is awesome!"


"We are really happy the kids tried something different, and are adding valuable skills that will carry on with them through life"


"CACK has

given us


 & Self Esteem.


Thank you so much for all the drama skills you have taught me over the years. I am very happy that my audition for Newtown School of Performing Art was successful.

I couldn't have done it without you.

I will always take memories of CACK DRAMA in my heart" -Harry

 Laugh, Learn & Play!

"Thank you for a wonderful term,

    we will be back! We love it and have learn't a lot about ourselves"

"The teachers are great-

The confidence, skills and professionalism

   that they bring"

-     -Lilly's Mum

"Thank you so much for helping my son's confidence grow, and helping understand and celebrate his feelings more and more"


Wanna try DRAMA?

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Free Trial Class!

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