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"Isabella loved it, and re-enacted the whole entire class for us when she got home"!


"Sam really enjoyed the class and is very enthused for the rest of the term", 


"It was tremendous. You got to play lots of games and it was really fun". 


"It was awesome. It was so much fun to do it"


"The Instructors are awesome! Lots of fun and in particular, building of confidence"


"My daughter looks forward to drama each week"


"Kids have fun and learn to mix with others of a different age groups"


"Fosters self confidence & self expression"


"The games were lots of fun!"


"Kids love to come"


"Increased confidence"


"Kids love it. it's fun!"


"Children gaining confidence and great introduction into drama"


"My daughter has had a wonderful experience"


"CACK allows the kids to be a part of the creative process"


"Definately confidence, self esteem, and the ability to stand in front of others with ease"


"Drama has had a positive result for my daughter, and given her confidence without too much pressure."

"Thank you for a wonderful term, we will be back! We love it and have learn't a lot about ourselves"

"I know how much my son enjoyed it and that he learn't from it.Thanks heaps- we will be back!"


"Becoming outgoing, building confidence & making friends"


"My child really enjoyed being involved. Great job."


"Everything you guys do is awesome!"


"The content topics are great. the kids have great fun and are learning (without knowing it!)"


"Well structured. Kids really love the games, which are really great for drama/life skills"


"Enthusiastic instruction, with a goal to work towards. It allows kids to express themselves in creative ways"


"Everything you guys do

is awesome!"


"We are really happy the kids tried something different, and are adding valuable skills that will carry on with them through life"


"CACK has

given us


 & Self Esteem.


Thank you so much for all the drama skills you have taught me over the years. I am very happy that my audition for Newtown School of Performing Art was successful.

I couldn't have done it without you.

I will always take memories of CACK DRAMA in my heart" -Harry

 Laugh, Learn & Play!

"Thank you for a wonderful term,

    we will be back! We love it and have learn't a lot about ourselves"

"The teachers are great-

The confidence, skills and professionalism

   that they bring"

-     -Lilly's Mum

"Thank you so much for helping my son's confidence grow, and helping understand and celebrate his feelings more and more"


Wanna try DRAMA?

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Free Trial Class!

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