The Hystericals
Gymea Bay Primary School Music Room
  • Available for students aged 7+
  • Each weekly session runs for 120 minutes within school term
  • 30 student maximum per session
  • 2 tutors
  • Showcase Performances 
  • $200 per student per school term


This is a fun series of weekly workshops,

where students aged 7-14

participate in physical and vocal drama games,

facilitated by 2 tutors.

Through physical, improvisational and vocal activities,

the student is able to create character,

word and movement pieces that encourage

self esteem in all aspects of their lives.

Drama lets the child focus on the the game

or activity rather than themselves,

allowing the individual to be free of judgement,

and express themselves in a fun and creative way.

The Hystericals group is ideal for any student struggling with confidence or anxiety issues as well as confident students who require a physical and fun outlet.

Each session, works towards producing

a show at the end of terms 2 & 4,

 to perform to their loved ones,

as well as play drama games

that encourages confidence,

team work, performance skills and fun!

The Hystericals



We make a difference!

Our student and parents constantly tell us what a dramatic difference CACK DRAMA has made to their lives.

Developing an overall confidence

is our big winner!

Shy, awkward kids, scared of getting up in front of their class, now enjoy the confidence and skills to do so, as well as extending this to putting their hand up for School Leadership roles and feeling comfortable in every social situation.

CACK DRAMA ignites the passion to be creative and confident.

"It was like the best time ever!"

     - Sam, Age 7

"Everything you guys do

is awesome!"

"Thank you for a wonderful term,

    we will be back! We love it and have learn't a lot about ourselves"

"CACK has

given us


 & Self Esteem.

"Drama is life, with all the dull bits cut out" 

-Alfred Hitchcock